Friday, May 29, 2009

Come Monday..

So a quick update on my Weight Watchers this week... my first gain. After 5 weeks of losing, I finally had a gain week. I knew it before I went in. We do not have a scale at the house, but I knew. It had been a long, stressful, eat-out filled week. It was only a little over a pound and I am okay with that. Weight Watchers motto when it comes to gains is, "It's not failure, it's feedback." Which, I agree. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. It took me 26 years to get where I am at with battles, it's not surprise that it was very easy to slip. I have been very good since Tuesday, so I have a positive outlook for next week. I will keep you posted.

In other news, my back has been killing. So, I have had lower back pain, since ohh.. I don't know.. since I can remember. I go to the doctors, and they tell me it's my weight. Which, I understand, all my issues pretty much are due to the fact that I am over weight. But I am tired of them just sending me home with a prescription and telling me to use ice and/or heat. ENOUGH!!! I am 26 years old, I cannot be drugged up my whole life. I take advil around the clock. I can't take any of the other prescription stuff they give me during the day because I will not be able to mentally function. So HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab, was on my list to contact. I went yesterday for my Free Consultation. I thought what the heck, the consultation is free I can atleast hear what they have to say. After talking with Dr. Bunce, who is great, young, easy to talk to and has the same birthday as me, he told me by my symtops it sound like I have a bulging or herniated disk in my L4/L5. So he took some X-rays (all part of the free consultation) and I go back Monday after work to talk to him about what he found on the X-rays and she what kind of plan he may have for me. Also, I have pinched nerve in my neck, which I have known for a while. Again, all the doctors do is give me meds. They tell me if it gets worse I can get cortisone shots or if worse, surgery. So he took an X-ray of my neck to see it and see if anything else was going on up there. So we will see what he has to say Monday. Again, I will keep you posted. But for now, the heating pad is my best friend. Actually I am using it right now... how sad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This week and the Puggles!!

So this week was not as good as the weeks in the past, but - I did go down. .6 pounds. Which is a little over half a pound. I know what I did wrong, I know my bad habits.. However, I have been sick. I found out yesterday I have a sinus and ear infection, that I probably had last Friday and the whole weekend. Anyways, I am trying to not look down on it, because a loss is a loss. On to another week!

And I am a slacker and never got around to my parents new puggles, so here they are - the weekend with the three T's - Tank (my dog) Titan and Tabby (we did not plan that, they were already named Titan and Tabby when mom and dad adopted them.

As soon as we got there, the puggles went crazy!! Titan, the boy, has not been fixed.. he would not leave Tank alone :o/ poor Tank
I kept calling them the Hyenas because they would get up on the ottoman, make these funny noises because we kept telling them no when they were "attacking" Tank. They seriously sounded and looked like Hyenas. Tabby the girl has some crazy looking eyes. She reminded me of the silly Hyena from Lion King. It was funny!

Tabby, the girl. So sweet, loves to cuddle!! Does not like anyone else to get in her cuddle spot!!

Tank, thinking what the heck is going on, where did these guys come from!!

Titan, the boy, the bad boy!! Mom is going to get them pink and blue collars so it's easier to tell them apart. But Titan has the chain and Tabby has the black collar.

Mom put them outside quite a few times to let Tank have a break. They would run and run and run, they love it outside and then relax for a bit on the deck, and then run some more!!

Cousin Adam meeting them for the first time on Mother's Day. He's a big dog lover like me too!! That's a bad shot of Tabby, sorry y'all!!
It turned out to be quite an adventurous weekend. By Sunday, Titan had calmed down a bit and they started to co-exist. But most of the time Tank was following them around and very interested. I haven't seen him play like that since he was a puppy. Tank is 8, the puggles are 2. Next time Tank makes the trip home, mom hopes to have Titan fixed. That should help. But, then again, they will probably have to get them to know each other again. Tank has been funny, ever since we got home, we will say the names Titan and Tabby and he gets all excited and starts wagging his tail. I wish I could get him a friend!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was very suprised and happy that when I weighed in yesterday I had lost 2.2lbs this past week. I could not believe it. I did not have the best of weeks, and I went home. By home, I mean, back to Viriginia. Back where my mom and other members of the family cook really good food for every occassion. So we ate on the road Friday for lunch - Zaxbys. My parents took us to Hops for dinner friday night. Saturday for breakfast and lunch I ate food my parents had at their house. Saturday night me and some other girls through a shower for our friend Kelly. The shower food was my dinner food. Their I drank some wine and good punch. We then went out with our significant others to a local bar. Sunday morning I ate a small breakfast at the house. My mom then had her whole side of the family over for lunch. We grilled out with hamburgers and hot dogs. We had potato salad, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, chips, fruit and a veggie tray. And for dessert, we had strawberry cake or chocolate pie and ice cream. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds for dinner about 8 oclock. Needless to say I could have eaten a lot better. But still, I managed to lose weight! Crazy!!!!! It makes me think though, if I had not gone home and had all the food, etc. I wonder what my weight loss would have been.

Stay tuned .. pictures of my parents new dogs sometime this week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Battling the weekends

Time for my weekly update! Yesterday was weigh in day. Down another 1.2 pounds! That brings my total to 8.8 pounds in 4 weeks. That is right around 2 pounds a week, which is what I am aiming for. I wish it could have been more, but I know why it wasn't more. I do great on the weekdays, its the weekend that really get me. I think its all about the routine. Monday through Friday is the same old stuff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at relatively the same time and place everyday. Snacks are usually around the same time too. Then the weekend comes. Sometimes I sleep through breakfast. Well I am always up early with Tank, but then I may stay up for an hour after I feed him and take him out, but a lot of times I end up falling back asleep on the couch or back in bed. Then a lot of times on the weekends there is a lot of eating out for lunch and dinner. This past weekend we did not eat out for dinner, but we did go to some friend's houses both nights. Not only do I munch when there are dinner parties, but I drink too. I am not an alcoholic or anything by any means. But if you just have a couple drinks the calories and in my case the "points" add up. I am still working on my social aspect of this life style change.

This weekend I am going home to Virginia!! I cannot wait! But it will be a challenge with the food again. Mom always wants to cook for me. We are also throwing a shower for my friend Kelly on Saturday (more munching.) And of course Sunday being Mother's Day, we will head to my grandma's for what I am sure will be a feast - as always!

I hope everyone has a great week and weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!