Monday, July 20, 2009

Kelly and Bryan wedding

This past weekend one of my of my best friends, Kelly, got married back in Richmond. We started out friday with Mani/Pedis

Me and Colleen (Colleen fell asleep in the chair)

getting ready for the rehearsal at Gina's house (colleen, me and kelly)

Kelly and her dad

Kelly and Bryan

Kelly and me at the rehearsal dinner

gina, colleen, nikki, kelly, kristal, becky and me. holding up Bryan.

kelly getting some earrings from Bryan

me putting on the garter I hand made for her


said Mrs. Otto on one side and had a yellow ribbon on the other side. she cried when I gave it to her


first dance

funniest picture of colleen

mike and me :)

colleen, kelly and me

austin (colleen's fiance) mr. kinnier (colleen's dad) my dad (had too much to drink), and mike

and they are off to the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana not Puerto Plata like us. We had a great time! so much fun and I am so happy for them! Can't wait when they come to visit in August!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My parents are coming!

So my dad called last weekend and said that him and my mom were going to come visit me and Mike as long as we had no plans. We had not planned anything but to stay in town and do things around the area. So when they asked, I said c'mon down! I am very very excited! My parents have only been to our house ONCE since we moved in. With the wedding we were home A LOT! So... they never came down because we were always going up. However, that trend has not stopped, nor will it for a while seeing as 2 of my best friends from home are getting married. I have been burning rubber up and down 95 and will continue to until at least next February. (seriously, I could probably drive home with my eyes closed .. and I will tell you all the good and bad exits!)

Mike has to work friday night :(, so I guess it will just be me, mom and dad for dinner. They are planning to get in around dinner time. Then Saturday Mike , my dad and a few others are going to play golf. My dad doesn't really play golf, he has no clubs, but he knows mike likes it and I think its cute. However, my dad, is a scratch golfer. I am not sure yet what my mom and I might do, maybe the Gilbert Peach Festival?? Who knows. Then we planning on cooking out and catching some fireworks somewhere on the lake. Sunday they will have to head back to ole virginny, but I will see them in just a few weeks for Kelly's wedding.

No they are not bring the puggles :( Mom wanted to, Dad was not so excited about it, especially since they have still not fixed Titan. There will be a lot of traffic and it will be hot, so it's probably for the better. And mom can spoil Tank with her loving!

***Also, if anyone has notice lately my blogs have been pictureless.. here's why. Michael and I decided to get rid of the internet at the house since we both have it at work (mine is a little restricted) and we both had it on our blackberries. My problem is getting photos on my computer to the internet. I plan on downloading some here and there when I get a chance to go somewhere with my computer and the internet.. but in the meantime, you will have to READ! ***