Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Three's company too

Okay, I weighed in yesterday and much to my surprise, I lost another 3lbs!! Wahoo!! I am so excited!! I could not believe. I thought for sure I had had a rough week. Lots of eating out (I made good choices though) and a wedding with drinking and wedding cake. I did not pass up that wedding cake!! I was real nervous. We do not have a scale at home, so I have had no idea going in, if I am up down or level. So far my total weight loss is 7.6 lbs. Some ladies at work say they can tell. I cannot yet, but hopefully soon.

My goal for last week was to move more. I did not move as much as I wanted to, so that is my goal again for this week. However, I do go a lot at work and its been an exhausting week, because I am training a new girl. Training is just exhausting I think no matter if you are the trainee or the trainor.

Also if I lose one more pound, I lose a point. I think I can work with losing one. If I lost like 5 at a time I would be in trouble.

Thanks to everyone for all the support!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday... with a twist

So weight in was yesterday, and I am down again! Wahoo! 1.6 pounds. Was hoping for another 3, but some is better than nothing. Besides I knew it was not going to be as good of a week. I stayed within my points, but I do not think my points were as healthy as the points from the past week. I also was not as active. Lots going on! My goal for this go round is to be more active. I am not talking running a marathon here. Just walking a couple nights a week around the block. With my weight, if I push too much I could do more harm than good. So again, slow and steady. One foot in front of the other. I do with my foot was not killing me so much. I have a stress fracture in my left foot. My doctor just told me to stay off of it as much as I can and gave me a note to wear tennis shoes to work. I wear them, but I am up and down and round and round all day. It is hard to stay off my feet at work. I think I will just have to start icing it at night and hopefully that will help.

On another note. My parents, again MY PARENTS, went to Drag Queen Bingo last night. Now my parents are not super conservative or anything. My brother and I just always joke that my dad is a little homophobic. I mean the man was finishing his very first Iron Man in Panama City and did not want to cross the finish line because YMCA was playing. My mom sent me a picture text, it was hilarious. And my dad was smiling. They are in Sarasota (one of my fav places) visiting my dads family. My aunt apparently goes a lot. She is funny and laid back and just great!
I just thought I would share that with everyone.

Start of a new week today!! Goal - be more active and eat healthier points!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Slow and steady..

Okay, so I know I have not posted in a while. Things have been busy and crazy and I cannot foresee them slowing down anytime soon. I have decided that I am going to start using this blog to track the progress/battle of my never ending weight loss. My whole life has been a constant fight to lose weight. Some may or may not know that right after high school I lost 120 pounds in 9 months. That's right 120 pounds. Unfortunately, I lost the weight too fast. My body went into shock. I was eating plenty, I was just working out 6 days a week and 2 hours a day. I lost the weight too fast. I then developed a heart condition called Vaso Depresser Syncope. I had put so much shock and stress on my heart that I started passing out. After seeing some doctors and running multiple tests this is what they told me had happened. So.. I was depressed. Here I was trying to make myself healthy, but in fact I made it worse. I stopped working out so much. Not only did I need to slow down, I was afraid I would pass out while working out. (Episodes are brought on by heat and other things.) Little by little the weight started to pile back on. So here I am.. almost 8 years later. Finally, I know I need to do this for myself. I want to have kids some day and I need to be healthy to have them and healthy to raise them.

So last Tuesday, the 7th. I joined weight waters. Some ladies from work already went and so I joined them. We went again this tuesday, and I lost 3lbs. in the first week! Wahoo! I think I can do it. I just need to take it easy. I know the slower it comes off the easier it is to keep it off. I also know this is a lifestyle change. Although I will not deprive myself from things I want or things I want to do.

So here goes nothing...What do I have to lose? Other than pounds??