Monday, April 28, 2008

updated house pics

So I was informed that I needed to update the blog with pictures of our house with our stuff moved in so here you go.....

Den/family room - whatever you want to call it

Dinning room

Guest bathroom

What is going to be the "man's room" waiting on another couch since my old one wouldn't fit through the hallway

Kitchen and tank :)

Master bedroom. My comforter does not match the green. however, we have registerd for one that does!

Other side of the bedroom, with my old yellow couch that wouldn't fit in the other room. I am giving it to matt when he moves...and tank again!

Master bath, with the shower curtain and curtains they left us

they also left us a sconce (I dont know if i spelled that right)

We have one other bedroom but it is filled with mike's brothers stuff right now. its kind of a mess, we keep the door shut. Hopefully we will have a house warming sometime soon!