Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday Bash x2

This past weekend we decided to throw Snead a birthday party since we are all going to be in DC this coming weekend for Jenn's wedding and we are going to miss his birthday. I made the infamous "Better Than Sex" cake and it was a huge hit!!!

We got Snead a football shaped Pinata stuffed with goodies

He winds up... he had been drinking too

The Swing..

The girls watching... mostly what we did watching the guys do stupid stuff

The empty Pinata on Keith's head

Burning in the pit.. the boys always end up setting things on fire

Goodbye Pinata

Harrison said happy birthday too!! He was my date for the night since Mike ended up not being able to make it :(

Snead falling over in the hammock!

Boob decided to come over too! He recently got Transfered back down south to Charlotte.. and ladies he is single. ( I told him I would put that on my blog for him haha)

Sunday I went to Mike's nephew Nathan's 6th birthday party. Unfortunately Mike had to work because his assistant manager decided not to show up for work this weekend. This is a picture of his sponge bob cake. They had his birthday at the bowling alley. And no I did not skate.
Mike's dad, aunt Brenda and Alyssa.

Margaret and Matt raced on the blow-up thing. It was quite entertaining. Then my battery died. But it was a fun weekend. And I ended up being able to go to dinner with Mike sunday night. And I will get to spend this whole upcoming weekend with him in Richmond/DC!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Poem for Tug

My best friend closed his eyes last night, As his head was in my hand.The Doctors said he was in pain, And it was hard for him to stand.
The thoughts that scurried through my head, As I cradled him in my arms.Were of his younger, puppy years, And OH...his many charms.
Today, there was no gentle nudge With an intense "I love you gaze",Only a heart thats filled with tears Remembering our joy filled days.
But an Angel just appeared to me, And he said, "You should cry no more,GOD also loves our canine friends, HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!
jan cooper '95

Sunday, August 12, 2007

RIP Tugboat

So I got some disturbing news this morning. My mom and dad had to take Tugboat to the emergency vet early this morning and they put him to sleep. He was a great dog! We have had him since I was in the third grade. He would have been 15 in October. He was mostly Border Collie mixed with some Spaniel. I wish I could have been there, but mom didn't want him to suffer till labor day. He could barely stand up and was in a lot of pain. I searched through my photo albums I have here and found some pictures. They are not the best because they are pictures of pictures. I know I have some more pictures of him back home on my computer there. I think the hardest is my dog Tank, who is still in VA, probably doesn't quite understand what is going on.

This is a picture of me and Tugboat the Christmas we got him. He was such a cute puppy. I on the other hand look like a big dork. But I decided for Tugboat, I would post a horrible picture of me for a cute picture of him.

A more recent picture of me and Tugboat! Even when he was old, people thought he was a puppy.
One of my most favorite pictures. Tugboat and Tank sleeping on their favorite recliner! They were good buddies!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Employed in the real world!

For those of you who don't know Tuesday I started a job with McCutchen, Blanton, Johnson and Barnette as a Paralegal. I work for two associates and so far I love it! My attorneys are great and even took me out to eat on my first day! I work right downtown and they have spots in the garage and I dont have to pay to park! I will keep you updated with the happenings of the firm!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Brew at the Zoo and then some!

Last night was Brew at the Zoo. I have been to a million wine festivals but this was my very first beer festival and tasting! It was a lot of fun minus the humidity. We even got these cute little glasses for tasting that said Brew at the Zoo there were 35 vendors there! They had everything from Domestic beers to beer from Lithuania (not sure if i spelled that right). This is a picture of Snead, Tyson and Justin tasting some beer from Athens, Ga.

Tyson and I by the Coors light truck were we kept going back to because the lines weren't long, they filled up our glasses to the top and they had coors light, blue moon and killian on draft!

We had to get out of the heat for a few minutes so we went into the reptile exhibit house for some much need AC! Justin got in my picture of the pretty fish!

They got really close I think they wanted our beer.

It was so pretty once it got dark they had lights in all the palm trees and a jimmy buffet cover band called the Carribean Cowboys! they were really good!

After the zoo we headed down to 5 points where we met up with Chris, Josey, Bethany and a whole bunch of other people. We went to Jake's, Locals and the new and improved Pub!

826.... minus Michelle :(

I definately enjoyed brew at the zoo and I found out they do a wine tasting in the spring I can't wait! I love Wine festivals!! I have already missed 2 in Richmond this summer that I love to go to!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A night in Clover

Mike had a day off in the middle of the week so we decided to change things up a bit and I went up to clover instead of him coming down to columbia.

I got to see how Mike's house was coming along.

It's hard to tell from the pictures but it's going to be a big, pretty house!

We also went to his sister's house where they have a bunch of cats running around. These are two kittens from the last litter.

Apparently there is another litter that was just born outside in their shed but they haven't made an appearance yet. The kittens were so cute!

Mike and I being goofy driving down the road.