Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deck the Walls

Mr. and Mrs. Falls were here last night and brought me a birthday present! Mrs. Falls said that Nathan (my nephew) saw it and said "Hey, it's Tank" so they bought it for me. I absolutely love it! I mean I am a pug fanatic! I look most forward to hanging it in the guest room somewhere. And its perfect since I already have orange and green in there.

Meanwhile, earlier this week I was looking for other stuff to hang in the guest room. I found these and Michael said we could get them in the next couple of months! I CANNOT wait!!

How fun are these? Blown up postcards! I love them! I will take pictures once I get them and they are up!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick Sickly

So today I missed work for the first time in over a year for being sick :( I guess I was do. I have chest and head congestion. I am coughing, blowing my nose and feel like I may have/have had a slight fever here and there. My eyes are tired. Tank has been a great companion today.

The worst thing about this is my best friend back home gets married on Saturday. Please pray for a quick recovery from this cold for me. I HAVE to be better by this weekend there is too much to do and I want to have a good time!

Did I mention I hate being sick? blah... so bored... hopefully I will feel better in the morning to make it into work tomorrow.

And Mike has been great taking care of me! I guess he is paying me back for his New Year's battle with the stomah flu where I took care of him.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

WHoah Listen to the Music

There is no doubt in my mind that music is one of the most uplifting things in the world(after Pugs of course). I can have the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day (like Alexander) and I can put on a great song like Build me up Buttercup and I have completely forgotten (or almost) about what has made me so upset. There are some songs, that really make no sense (to me at least) but are still amazingly fun to listen to. For example We built this city on Rock n Roll. I listen to this song on my ipod and I want to scream at the top of my lungs "Macaroni plays the Mamba, listen to the radio..." but seriously what does that have to do with anything? I don't know but i LOVE IT!

The power of song fascinates me. I can hear a lot of songs and relate them to an event, or a memory. For example, I can not listen to Respect and not think of dancing in the kitchen with my mom and singing into spoons.
Also, you may or may have not noticed, but I like to use lyrics from songs as my post titles.

Songs don't just give me memories of doing things when that song was playing, but I remember my dad telling me the history behind songs. For example Sweet Home Alabama. I will always remember my dad telling me how the part that says "Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A Southern man don't need him around anyhow" is an answer to two songs Neil Young wrote called "Southern Man" and "Alabama" that talks about racism in the South. Another song, Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven was written after his son fell to his death from a window at the age of 4. Before these stories were told to me, I always just thought they were great songs. Then, I heard the history behind them and it made them even greater.

Some other things I think that are funny about songs, is they don't have to be super hits by a major artist. There are theme songs to tv shows that make me just as happy. Just the other day I was singing the theme song to Fraggle Rock. I could not get "Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock" out of my head. Seriously, how catchy is that tune? Who ever wrote that, is a genius. Or how about the Lion King? Hakuna Matata. I may have only been 11 when the movie came out, but I will still sing a good Hakuna Matata to make my day better if need be.

I do keep bringing a lot of my musical tastes back to my parents. However, they are not big hippies are anything, I believe they just like music. You know how when you were a teenager and you would drive your car and your parents would tell you not to listen to your music too loud. I remember one day getting in my mom's van. I was taking it somewhere. I turned on the car and the song Jump (For my Love) by the Pointer Sisters, was BLARING out of my mom's dodge caravan speakers. It was hilarious.

My dad has also not just made me appreciate music but also the instruments. I hear a lot more of the instruments and beats than I use to. Some great examples are Domino by Van Morrison, Sell Out by Reel Big Fish and my dad's all time favorite My Old School by Steely Dan. (see picture below of my dad dancing to this song at our wedding). The instruments you can hear (mostly trumpets, sax and trombones) are outstanding! Everyone always talks about Jimi Hendrix and his guitar playing skills (which I know are unbelievable) but you never hear much about the guy who can play a mean trumpet!

That is my dad's brother, my uncle Tom next to him. It doesn't hurt to have a beer or 6 in you to do this at their age!
So my question is, what are some of your favorite songs to listen to? What songs put you in a great mood and what memories do you have?