Thursday, July 22, 2010


No, not for the house - but for the CUBE!

This winter I made a few "curtains" for me and my team mates. Since then I have been getting some request. Tuesday I got FIVE requests! After I am done with these 5 it will make 17 that I have made totla. I need to up my price. I was just doing it for the price of the product but it takes a lot of time to go to the store to get the products and then to sew it and iron it and put it all together. Now I am nice person's getting to be a lot. And now that they have become so popular at work if I get anymore request, I am going to add a few $$$.

The bright green one is mine. They come in handy for when you a crunching numbers and do not want to be bothered or if you just need to hide for a few mins while you shove a sandwich in your mouth just to get back to work. I made one last week for a "pink diva" and added sticky jewels all around the letter. She LOVED it! It was so her!!

I will say it adds some color the awful gray walls we look at all day.
I would have added more pictures however it took me about 30 mins just to for these 2. The frustrations with blogger!!

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Holly said...

What a grand idea!