Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am sad to say that I am thinking about giving up the blog. Here are my reasons:

1) I CANNOT seem to upload pictues EVER!

2) Not that many people read my blog. And those who do, have their own blog. And we blog about the same things a lot of the time.

I am torn..

But do not worry, if I give up blogging (for now) I will continue to read everyone elses blog, and I can always start back!


Kristy said...

My vote is NO! Don't give up blogging! My pictures always take FOREVER to upload. I feel like there has to be an easier way!

Holly said...

Definitely not!! You probably have more devoted followers than you think!

Alanna said...

we read your blog... we just don't have much time to get on that often anymore. i agree that you should not give it up :)

Arlindo Lopes CorrĂȘa said...

Do not give up ! I will read your blog everyday and forever. Arlindo Lopes CorrĂȘa

Meph said...

I just started blogging, I am using it for more of a " keeping track" of my Daily routines.
as for your problem not being able to upload pictures ,what I do is just drag and drop them mind you I am using a web browser called flock which has links and also a little Media thing on the upper part of the web browser.
Edit I was trying to upload a picture to show you my Web browser but it won't let me. I am thinking that you have to change your settings on your page

Corey said...

You're certain that nobody reads your blog? Seems that people have commented here to express their want for you to continue.

Also, do you use Google Analytics? If not, I would suggest it to you, as it tracks the number of people and the countries they come from, as well as their cities, browsers, etc. It's a nice little tool to evaluate readership.

Bharat Raj said...

hey u cnt give up anythng anyway..
u always hav some way or the other..hang on to the thngs u are dng and thnk of improving it.if u stop blogging u wil thnk of wat different u can do?? then thats better if u thnk upon ur current blog instead.u wil find new ideas.